We had to sandblast!

But what is „sandblasting“?
We assume that our project is not only of interest to die-hard restorers, but also to people who are not familiar with this topic!

„Sandblasting“ means the surface treatment of a material by sand as a blasting agent against rust, dirt, paint or simply to matt the surface.

But what did we blast and why?
We blasted the leaf springs of the rear axle and the axle suspension on our bus. That was a big effort, because there are of course a lot of parts on the big bus! And why? Our bus has already had a few years on the hump – accordingly it rusts. And that’s where we want to work against it. IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to prime after sandblasting.

Why does the primer have to be applied after sandblasting?
With the sandblasting we cleaned our bus from any dirt and old rust. So that it doesn’t start rusting again, we primed everything immediately afterwards!

But can we now follow up our trainee project with the topic of sandblasting? No, not yet! More parts will follow!

A small story on the side: Before the official start of our project the instructors were already busy with „blasting“.
It was not only blasted with sand but also with ICE. Our instructors were able to remove 20 kg (!!!) of dirt from the underbody with ice.

– Your trainee project Team

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