Interior concept

We are already one year further with our dreams: Y the trainee project is coming to an end – our bus shines in full glory.

But what actually happens to our bus when it is finished? And what should it look like when we are done?

Who follows diligently all entries of us, should be already informed about the fact that our finished bus is to be used for „marketing uses“.
Can you imagine anything more about it?

Exactly for this reason we were brainstorming together to consider ourselves: HOW should our bus look when we are finished?

We spent a whole Friday morning doing this. The head of the model building department organized a kind of workshop with us.
Besides, we would continue to flex on the bus and measure the entire bus of trainee Leon, who takes on the role of „interior designer“ in our project.

Head of department model building in our garage!
Trainee Leon (interior designer)

Every trainee who visited the garage on this Friday had the opportunity to let his creativity run free and to think about what our bus should look like. For this everyone got a kind of sketch of our bus, in which she or he could freely draw in her and his wishes and ideas.

Diligently at superior and drawing

The head of the model building department wanted to know from us what the bus should look like in the future. Which paint color, which color concept in the bus itself, which lighting and which floor? Seats or kitchen? Where should everything be located? Which functions should be possible? Television, yes or no? Which material should be used? Wood or metal? Or a modern mix of both?


Questions about questions that we still have to clarify in the course of the trainee project. But we are happy to answer these questions.

Of course, the interior concept is very important to everyone, as it becomes an important part of our project.

We will tell you more about the interior concept soon. Stay tuned!

– Your trainee project Team

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